Google vs small email servers.

Me and Google haven't always been the best of friends. While I use their services on an almost daily basis, I use them knowing I am the product but a recent battle has been happening.

Waging on the battlefields of email servers, has been fighting with Google to get our emails not marked as spam. Now we have all we need right, SPF, DMARC, DKIM, you know, the works. Our emails are encrypted with TLS, we have our names in emails, we don't send emails often. But Google clearly doesn't give one flying fuck.

A G Suite email doesn't even have DMARC, the DKIM passes with some random gapps domain and the SPF isn't even PASS, it's fucking NEUTRAL. on the other hand has DMARC with DKIM and SPF AND they all pass. Yet Google still marks us as spam, iCloud refuses to deliver our messages and Microsoft, who the fuck knows what they do.

This just shows email that is dominated by big players like GMail, (lol who the fuck uses that), Outlook, iCloud even Yahoo Mail and as soon as a small email server meant for recieving and sending emails concerning a website pops up it gets shot down for spam. This causes the monopolies to grow and for people to get endlessly frustrated even though they are actually better than Google at email verification and security.