I hate Linux distros that have paid editions.

While there aren't many paid distros, the only that comes to mind is Zorin OS Ultimate, it still annoys me that there is even a paid Linux distro in the first place. It's bloody stupid! Linux is free software and you've made a 39€ (Equivalent to £35.41 as of writing) paid edition (that's excluding VAT) that adds some extra skins to your OS and, as I might add free(!!!) games just to "sweeten the deal." when you can probably just customise Zorin OS Core to have the equivalent software and skins of Zorin OS Ultimate without paying 39€. While yes, the Core, Lite and Education editions are all free, making a paid edition of Linux is still scummy. I much prefer the monetisation method of Ubuntu (the distro Zorin is based on) because while it asks you for money, there is no paid edition that is monetising free software. I wouldn't support an OS that adds Linux and macOS skins while the free edition only has the Windows and Touch skins.

If you really want the Ultimate ISO, Google is your friend.