Some fluff about my blogs.

Hello readers! Yes, this is my third post of today but I need to tell you all my plans about Gamecoded, BlogArseBuggery and the GBATemp blog (the best worst blog on the planet).

Where will I be posting?

I've decided to stop posting to both Gamecoded and the GBATemp blog in favour of BlogArseBuggery.


I want a more streamlined place where people read my stuff and having them segmented over 3 blogs isn't good.


Yes! I'll be migrating all my posts over to BAB, I won't delete the ones on GBATemp, but will just include a little link to BAB.


Now before you say Colean! Did you move to Pelican and BAB just so you can avoid negative comments? and the simple answer is no. I'm actually thinking about a solution to this problem and I'm thinking about making a Vanilla Forums instance and using that as a comments section, this would require an update to the theme and potentially adding an extra piece of metadata for posts however it would certainly be doable.

The future of my blogs

Gamecoded will be shutdown in the coming few weeks, the GBATemp blog will just be updated with the important posts getting migrated over and BAB will be my main blogging platform.


See you in the next post, guys!

But what about the future?

If I update my blog software, I will make sure all links redirect to the new software and that all comments carry over, don't worry :3