Why video guide makers are evil.

I'm gonna explain why video guides are terrible and why their makers are evil homebrew-sucking normies.

1 - Obsolescence

We all know in the homebrew scene that, especially with 7th generation consoles and up, consoles can be updated, whether it's the hardware or the software, in the end things get old. Video guides for current systems that have been hacked, sorry no Xbox One for now, like the PS4 and Nintendo Switch get old real quick as they are current-gen. For older current-gen consoles, the Wii U is dead, the 3DS is randomly getting bug fixes and the PSVita, we don't talk about that one. For last-gen consoles, they can update but they're pretty much way past their prime now.

2 - Theft

These guide makers (cough cough Jack Sorell cough cough) are so fucking evil that they go out of their way to put most of the files from sites like wii.guide, 3ds.hacks.guide and switch.hacks.guide and putting them on their OWN FUCKING WEBSITE are literally not stealing the content of the sites but also the ad revenue the people make (unless you have AdBlock like me, sorry all the peeps who make cfw guides, yall are awesome people but my money is broke unless you accept Lumens/XLM).

3 - Disconnect with the community

Most guide makers don't care how much blood, sweat and tears have been poured into every big CFW/Exploit over the last few years, I mean this year we got Memory Pit by shutterbug2000 and that is literally like the reason my DSi was being used up until I got my 3DS. It takes years, literally years, to hack a console. Usually, by the time the console is discontinued it might not even have an open, easily-available exploit without external software that isn't obtainable anymore (DSi + Flipnote). They don't care, they make this video, they put ads on both it and their websites and literally suck the money out the community

In the end, it's not fair. They even modify files so they can increase your brick risk and brutally murder your console in untimely fashion. If you want to fight against these normies then literally do what you probably already do. USE TEXT GUIDES FROM A REPUTABLE SOURCE. If you want lots of cfw guides, go to these places: